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“Cheat Codes” to Financial Independence

BLUF: Becoming financially independent is not easy, but there are things you can do to make it easier to reach.  Like getting the cheat codes to a video game, there are some “cheat codes” to FI, here is my list.  What are yours?

Cheat Codes To FI

Do you remember the Nintendo Game Genie?  It gave you god like powers to dominate any game that you were struggling at.  With the right cheat codes, you could suddenly have infinite lives, infinite health, infinite ammo, and more.  The games that were practically impossible to beat, were now in the realm of possible.

Twenty five years later I am no longer interested in beating video games, I am more interested in beating the game of life.  This thought process made me wonder if there were “cheat codes” to life, and more specifically “cheat codes” to achieving financial independence.

What are legal things that someone can do to make achieving financial independence easier?

I understand that doing anything different than the norm will receive resistance.  Nor are there right answers on how to become FI quicker.  One person will say being childfree is a huge cost savings, while another will say that children are a big reason why they got their finances under control.  There are no perfect answers, but there ways to make it easier. 

Here is a list of my FI “cheat codes”:

  • Marry a spouse who thinks about finances similar as you
    • Absolutely critical to a happy life as well
  • Do not get divorced
    • The only winner is the divorce lawyer
  • Have your employer pay for your education
    • School debt is not a given
  • Have a plan when buying real estate
    • Always think about the future sale of any property before you even buy it
    • If it is cheap, it is usually cheap for a reason
  • Remain childfree
    • Understandably this may not be popular with many people
  • Cook for yourself most of the time
    • It will likely be healthier as well
  • Stay in shape
    • Prevention is always cheaper than the cure (not just financially)
  • Do not buy status symbols
    • No one really cares… seriously
  • Buy what you need, invest the rest
    • Understanding the difference between NEEDS and WANTS are important

By following these “cheat codes,” our family has become financially independent in about ten years.

What are your personal FI “cheat codes”?

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  1. Interesting article, you should expand more on the differences between needs and wants, and when it is alright to treat yourself.

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