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Month: July 2017

Save Money By Replacing Your Own Brakes

Replace Brakes Save Money MiilitaryBLUF: Replacing your own vehicle brakes is a good way to save money and the military provides excellent resources to assist.

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Do A SWOT Analysis Of Yourself

BLUF:  A Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) Analysis of yourself enables you to look objectively at your situation, identifying specific opportunities to exploit or threats to mitigate.

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Financial Benefits Of The Military

Military Financial BenefitsBLUF: The financial benefits of the military go well beyond the pay, education programs, and retirement plans that are often discussed.  Here is a list of benefits that I have used or assisted others in using that directly attribute to gaining wealth in the military.

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Automate Everything

BLUF: Automating your finances is even more important to military members because of frequent moves and deployments, simplify your life and never pay a late fee.

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Tracking My Net Wealth For 13 Years: Lessons Learned

BLUF: Tracking our net wealth over the years has been very beneficial, other than just seeing exponential growth it has assisted in forecasting, planning, and seeing the longterm effects of budgeting (and more).

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