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Month: May 2017

Asset Allocation – Money Is A Tool

BLUF: Next to your Savings Rate, Asset Allocation is the next most important factor in determining your financial success.  It is important to understand the basic ‘buckets’ you can put your money in to diversify risk while ensuring stable returns. Continue reading

Know Your Savings Rate

BLUF: Your savings rate is the most power number you can easily control.  The higher your savings rate, the sooner you can be financially independent.  By tracking your monthly budget and expenses your savings rate will become clear. Continue reading

Finance 101: Make A Budget

BLUF: Making a monthly budget is easy; however, reconciling it to how much you actually spend every month is the hard part.  I am not going to lie, this takes discipline. Continue reading

Track Your Net Wealth Now

BLUF:  Tracking your Net Wealth is a good place to start because it is quick and sheds light on your total financial situation, it also begins to open up other questions. Continue reading

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