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Churning Away?

BLUF:  I see the draw of credit card churning but the added complexity and risk does not result in an appropriate return.  More power to those who do it, while it lasts…

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Animal Clippers

BLUF: I have saved almost $9,000 by cutting my own hair.  I hated paying for weekly haircuts so I learned to do it myself.  After burning through some cheap clippers I got higher quality ones.  I ended up getting animal clippers because they were cheaper than the ones advertised for people.

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2017 Bye Bye

BLUF:  2017 was a violent kick to the face, but I am still here, still recovering. Financially, it was a good year. We completed all our goals but also dealt with some significant expenses. Before you can forecast your future, you need to understand your past.

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I Challenge You

BLUF:  The FI/RE community is amazing but we are often focused on the long game.  I challenge you to take a look at your life and ask if you are getting everything you want out of it, because things can change quickly.  Habits overtime become who you are, solidifying your character, and ultimately what you are remembered by.

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Weight Off My Shoulders

BLUF: I wish no one the experience of being told they have cancer.  After the initial shock of being told, I experienced an odd sense of relief, and needed time to think.  I remember looking over at my “To-Do” list and realizing that most things on it did not matter much.  Reducing my list was very helpful in reducing stress and enabling me to figure things out.

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So I Have Cancer

BLUF: Completely out of the blue, suddenly felt like I was dying.  Diagnosed with stage III Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in December 2016.  After lots of chemo, my fight continues.  Planning for the future was suddenly put into perspective.

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Mortgage Tracking


BLUF: Understanding and tracking your mortgage is simple to do, the linked template spreadsheet provides a clear view of principle, interest, and the effect of extra payments identifying exactly when you will be mortgage free!

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Shave And Save

BLUF: Grooming is a normal expense and many people are paying too much for low quality products.  There is a better and cheaper way, look into a double edge razor.

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Honest Truth: Your Spouse Isn’t Spending All Your Money

BLUF:  The honest truth, it is not just your spouse, it is likely you too.  Once you take responsibility for your life, you can take charge of it and change it.

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“Cheat Codes” to Financial Independence

BLUF: Becoming financially independent is not easy, but there are things you can do to make it easier to reach.  Like getting the cheat codes to a video game, there are some “cheat codes” to FI, here is my list.  What are yours?

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Congrats On Joining – Now Do Not Buy That New Vehicle!

military personal financesBLUF: New military members often make the bad financial decision of taking a loan out for a new vehicle.  Instead, you should pay cash.  Only take a loan if you absolutely must.  Your vehicle’s value should not exceed 10% of your net wealth.

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Save Money By Replacing Your Own Brakes

Replace Brakes Save Money MiilitaryBLUF: Replacing your own vehicle brakes is a good way to save money and the military provides excellent resources to assist.

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Do A SWOT Analysis Of Yourself

BLUF:  A Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) Analysis of yourself enables you to look objectively at your situation, identifying specific opportunities to exploit or threats to mitigate.

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Financial Benefits Of The Military

Military Financial BenefitsBLUF: The financial benefits of the military go well beyond the pay, education programs, and retirement plans that are often discussed.  Here is a list of benefits that I have used or assisted others in using that directly attribute to gaining wealth in the military.

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Automate Everything

BLUF: Automating your finances is even more important to military members because of frequent moves and deployments, simplify your life and never pay a late fee.

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